With the heatwave and all extreme temperature-related concerns plaguing the country for the past months, most Filipinos have taken to staying at home. It has even come to the point that classes are being suspended once more to protect the young ones against the scorching weather.

Fortunately, a Bicolono engineer has come up with a way to help us cool down by introducing a thermal insulating powder. This invention can be used like paint and is said to reduce the rising indoor temperature by as much as 45%.

The engineer is 46-years-old Dexter de Castro from Naga City, and he has been marketing his creation under Dexpro TIP. He first came up with the idea in the year 2019, and he is now looking towards properly patenting his product.

De Castro mentioned the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), giving them credit for inspiring what is now his groundbreaking invention. He explains that part of creating the product was observing the kind of coating NASA applies on its space shuttles which are materials including soil and silica (or white) clay.

Further, de Castro expounds on his inspiration from NASA and how the organization makes use of pre-cracked ceramic tiles which keeps the astronauts from burning once their spacecraft enter the Earth’s atmosphere. The silica content, alumina, and nano ceramic particles are considerably higher.

It takes a couple of years of more to achieve a proper patent, but he is already starting to sell his product currently priced at Php1,620 for a huge bucket of Dexpro insulating powder and Php330 for a kilogram.

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