Filipina Scientist Jenny Ann Barretto discovered the world’s largest caldera that spans about 150 kilometers in diameter — about two times the size of Yellowstone in Wyoming, United States.

Now, the House Committee on Science and Technology has endorsed a congressional commendation for the Filipina Scientist.

Headed by Bohol Representative Erico Aristotle Aumentado, the house panel has approved House Resolution No. 561 that aims to recognize and commend Philippine scientist Jenny Ann Barretto for her “extraordinary contribution” to scientific research.”

HR no.561 author Lord Allan Velasco noted that marine geophysicist Barretto is currently based in New Zealand.

The caldera was found in an underwater plateau in east Luzon called Philippine Rise.

As per Velasco, the discovery by Barretto will open “immense possibilities and opportunities” in the exploration and research in the Philippine Rise.

He called the Philippine Rise an underwater “geo-marvel,” shelter for marine resources, and a potential energy source.

The caldera, which is essentially an enormous crater from a major volcanic eruption, is called Apolaki Caldera, a homage to the Filipino god of sun and war.

Via: Manila Bulletin

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