Is time travel possible?


The recurring concept of time travel tells us that we cannot undo the past to alter our future to change as our present will now become a part of the past. However, this has been recently debunked by Nicolas Gisin, a renowned physicist from the University of Geneva as he changed the definition of ‘time’ itself. He then tags that the mathematical method of time travel as ‘unthinkable’.

Reconciling the modern quantum physicsm, science, and mechanics to the so-called ‘intuitionistic mathematics’ authored by Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer, a prominent Dutch mathematician during the early 20th century is the central theme of Gisin’s series of published papers. This means that he has propelled the truth value of this theory as he questioned its validity.

The theory where he based his speculative knowledge is complex in itself as it will remove the concept of ‘excluded middle’ in the picture. In logical mathematics, it will represent any categorical statement that is made if you are either negating the statement or support its truthfulness. An example would be like “I brought three oranges” or “I haven’t brought three oranges”.

The theory of relativity by Einstein also uses the concept of ‘excluded middle’ that leads to the development of the deterministic method in mathematics. It is stated that all things that already happened, currently happening, or is more likely to happen in the future will take place based on the mere existence of the universe.

On the other hand, the ‘intuitionistic mathematics’ goes differently from the aforementioned concepts as math cannot tell what’s going to happen in the future as long as we can observe that it is indeed happening. The next number cannot be predicted accurately unless it is computed. The only exception will only take place in God’s plain sight or on our human hindsight.


Gisin has documented on his paper that the language of Mathematics shaped how time is interpreted in the field of physics. He further states that the determinism in Einstein’s theory and Brouwer’s mathematical intuitionism must be revolutionized in such a way that it can benefit our speculative knowledge. Einstein’s concept of now may have been lacking in his theory as there will no other way to have it integrated.

Time becomes more relative as the ‘now’ in the relativity exists since we are here to witness what is happening. If we have all the means to fashion a time travel machine, we will be able to revisit a specific ‘now’ that has taken place in the past or a ‘now’ that is yet to happen in the future. But, Gisin has reiterated that a finite space volume is not capable of containing a finite mass of information which as each number cannot hold an infinite amount of information.

Thus, if Gisin’s conclusion and his inspirations are valid, time travel like what has been shown in the movie ‘Back to the Future’ will never be possible. There is no way that an infinitely massive universe can exist in one blink that is intertwined physically on our concept of time. This is because time reveals itself and moves only on a single step at a given time which makes ‘now’ as a relatively moving target.

Conclusively, any person who attempts to time travel relatively will probably fail as time unfold each moment uniquely into the next. Through an analytical interpretation, the past will no longer have a physical connection to the reality as it no longer exists in the ‘now’. Consequently, the future can’t be visited as it’s still yet to exist as it will require the ‘now’ and what is about to happen to be unfolded for it to exist.


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