French startup Carmat, a company that claims they are making the world’s most advanced artificial heart, has announced that its product will go on sale in Europe this Q2 of 2021.

If it does go out, SynCardia’s artificial heart, the only option we have right now that has received regulatory approval, will finally have competition.

Total artificial heart (TAH) had been tested in dogs back in 1937. But only in the late 1980s that TAH devices were used in people. These devices are only meant to be a temporary “bridge” while patients are waiting for a heart transplant.


The new Carmat TAH is more advanced as it’s meant to be used for patients with terminal heart failure and is completely implantable.

This artificial heart has sensors and hydraulics that can mimic a real one. Plus, with chemically treated animal tissues to prevent possible blood clots.

Unlike other TAH’s, this one can automatically adjust the flow rate depending on the demand or whatever activity you’re doing.

The Carmat artificial heart weighs 900g, about three times the weight of a normal human heart. It’s then powered by Li-Ion batteries that can provide four hours of mobility.

Apparently, the idea is for Carmat TAH to work continuously for up to five years, which will allow patients to live a normal life.

Via: Gizmodo

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