After recently announcing its transition from using Intel chipsets to power its devices in favor of its own “in-house” ARM-based processor, Apple is reportedly already in the works on testing macOS’ capability on iPhone.

More specifically, it is to check the device’s capability as a potential to offer “full desktop experience” when plugged into a dock or monitor.

Prior to the official statement about Apple Silicon, the tech company denied the rumor stating that the “Catalyst project” aims to fuse both iOS and Mac. But this denial is already invalidated, says one leaker.

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While the leaker is not 100% certain, but rather 95% only—meaning, that the small 5% can still make a change—he is confident that the notion is already a thing. Even going so far as to state that Apple already has a prototype in place, which they are improving.

Lastly, the leaker also claims that the developing operating system would likely be a “hybrid.”

Source: Apple Insider

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