DTC Mobile has announced two new smartphones this holiday season, the 4-inch Lolly and 5-inch Lolly Grand.

What’s up with the names? Short for lollipop, the word “lolly” (if you still haven’t guessed at this point) is a clear indication that both handsets come preinstalled with Android 5.1 Lollipop. So if Android Marshmallow gains mainstream adoption, will DTC Mobile name their next series of products “Marshy” or “Mallow”? I’m being silly, and I digress.

DTC Lolly

Anyway, the smaller DTC Mobile Lolly is a 4-inch handset that packs an IPS display, quad-core processor and 3G connectivity. It has a very budget-friendly price of Php1,999. The larger DTC Mobile Lolly Grand also offers a quad-core processor and 3G connectivity, but it has a larger 5-inch display with WVGA resolution. For the increase in screen size, the Lolly Grand costs Php2,999.

Another variant is available called the Lolly Plus. It’s positioned in the middle of the two aforementioned smartphones, offering a 4.5-inch WVGA display, quad-core processor and 3G connectivity for Php2,599.

DTC Lolly Plus

All three smartphones will be in DTC Mobile stores “soon.” The company will probably announce the full specs when stocks become available.

[Source: DTC Mobile]

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