INFINIX joins the race for the fastest charging technology as it releases its own 260W wired charging solution and 110W wireless charging.

The 260W INFINIX wired charging is definitely not the fastest after Xiaomi demoed its 300W solution that can fully charge a smartphone in just 5 minutes. Still, INFINIX’s solution is nothing short of impressive as it can go from 0% to 25% in just a minute, with a full 100% charge only taking less than 8 minutes.



INFINIX’s 260W solution comes after nine months since it unveiled its 180W Thunder Charge for the Zero Ultra. This new one keeps the similar technology and upgrades the dual 8C battery to a single 12C battery with a 4-pump circuit design. This new system can intelligently identify the required power and allocates the needed number of charge pumps.

It then uses a mix of GaN material and AHB circuit infrastructure with high power density, safe charging control, and small size.

As per the company, the new tech has a 98.5% charging efficiency. INFINIX claims that the 4,400mAh battery they tested it with was able to keep 90% of its initial capacity even after 1,000 cycles.

Other than the adapter, the USB charging cable also plays an important role here. INFINIX created a special cable that can deliver a current of up to 13A, helping achieve the said 260W speeds.


Meanwhile, the INFINIX 110W fast wireless charging can quickly top-up your phone from 0% to 100% in just 16 minutes.

The company used custom-made small-sensitive coils that use different architectures. The new system uses fewer but wider coils, thus reducing internal resistance, thus dropping phone temperatures to improve charging speeds.

INFINIX is also building a 110W custom-made charger with a dual-coil design to accommodate both horizontal and vertical charging. They come with a cooling fan for better thermal management.

These new technologies also support reverse charging, multi-protocol charging, and bypass charging.

INFINIX confirmed that these new technologies will first arrive on the next INFINIX Note phone, so be on the lookout for that.

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