Cherry Home is once again playing a role in keeping our homes safe and secure. After introducing us to a slew of closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV), the brand known for providing useful and smart household products is launching smart indoor cameras—the Cherry Home Smart Swivel S4 and the Cherry Home Smart Swivel S4 LE.

Offering both convenience and security to the users, the Smart Swivel 4 and Smart Swivel S4 LE can be operated at the tap of a finger via the Smart Wi-Fi App Control or Cherry Home application. 

Users are given a full view of their homes in real-time while they are away, thanks to the cameras’ 3-megapixel full HD video quality. But more than just giving some visual access, the cameras’ smart auto-tracking provides homeowners with warnings of any potentially suspicious activities, made possible through their wide view angle—Horizontal 355°, Vertical 130°.

For purposes of remotely monitoring family members at home or in anticipation of visitors, the cameras’ two-way audio between the camera and smartphone allows for a conversation whenever needed. 

Additionally, having any of the two indoor cameras also comes with the benefit of keeping a tab on significant household events, be it birthdays or holidays, because of its 24/7 monitoring capabilities, which can then be stored in a 128GB microSD card or cloud storage.

Designed to be placed anywhere, both the Smart Swivel 4 and Smart Swivel 4 LE also come with a mount that facilitates fixtures even on walls.

Available at the Cherry Shop PH, the Cherry Home Smart Swivel 4 can be bought for Php1,649 while the Cherry Home Smart Swivel S4 LE can be bought for Php1,759.

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