If you ever think that an X-ray and a camera don’t merge as a single hardware, then prepare to be surprised with OnePlus 8 Pro’s “extraordinary” camera that gives users a peek through plastics and clothes.

Although seemingly unintended, the camera’s X-ray-like capability, however, is identified as coming from its infrared sensor that gives it the extent to view a tiny subset of black materials.

To those who owns a OnePlus 8 Pro and wants to experience the feature first-hand may do so by using the device’s camera app and then swiping to use the “Photochrom” color filter.

But a fair warning, though—it is not as powerful as many would think. While it does work in uncovering certain dark materials underneath a cloth or plastic, it comes with a caveat that it can be a hit-or-miss on the former while requiring the latter to be very thin.

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If you’re probably expecting a potential similar to the ones used in the hospital or airport, you would only be disappointed. But at the same time, you would also feel relieved knowing you would not carrying potentially toxic in your pocket that could expose yourself to an unwanted level of radiation that is inherent in X-ray scanners. 

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