Nokia Lumia 930

On one hand, it was nice of Nokia to finally release a couple of handsets powered by Android. On the other, they all weren’t from the sleek Lumia line. But things are about to change, as there’s reportedly an incoming Lumia handset that will run on Google’s operating system.

Yes, that the Microsoft-acquired Nokia would release an Android-powered Lumia handset (specifically one with stock Android instead of a forked version as seen in the Nokia X) is a puzzling move. After all, the company has its own mobile platform that, according to leaker @evleaks “is not going anywhere” despite an Android Lumia being planned.

There’s probably a silver lining for Microsoft as it adopts a rival’s mobile OS. For instance, we’ve all seen remarks and reviews of high-end Lumia devices talking about the greatness of said devices, only to be dragged down by their Windows Phone OS software. Consumers put off by Windows Phone might consider buying Lumia devices if they run Android instead.

[Source: @evleaks]

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