As technology becomes more advanced and affordable, pretty much everyone can already be a content creator these days. That said, one of the keys to stand out from the rest is to create and release content quickly and efficiently.

Creating content used to involve tons of different gears from professional cameras, external lighting, stabilizers, and even an editing rig. Carrying all of them when you’re out exploring and documenting can be tiring. So, it’s best to have a single device that can do it all.


That’s something the new vivo V27 series is trying to deliver with its innovative Aura Portrait Algorithm, special camera system and built-in stabilization, capable hardware, and more. All of these combined essentially make the line-up a full content studio that can fit right in your pocket.

Today, we’ll show you the reason why the vivo V27 series can become a content studio in your pocket.

Sony IMX766V sensor with Dual Ultra Stabilization


The vivo V27 series uses a Sony IMX766V. The “V” stands for — you guessed it — the name of the brand itself as Sony developed this sensor especially for vivo.

This Ultra-sensing 50-megapixel sensor is 1/1.56-inch in size, making individual pixels 25% bigger. It also features full-pixel focus technology for super-fast focusing.

Under poor lighting scenarios, the individual pixels join forces in a 4-in-1 setup to take brighter and clearer images.


What’s more, vivo also combined Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) on the vivo V27. This makes every shot stable, even when you’re moving, to eliminate blurriness.

With all combined, the vivo V27 series can surely take clean, bright, detailed, and colorful photos, even in poor lighting scenarios.

Aura Portrait Algorithm 


The new Aura Portrait Algorithm feature is a special feature only seen on the vivo V27 series. It makes use of a special ring LED light on the back, which provides a similar effect as traditional external ring LED lights available in the market.


Compared to traditional LED flashes, the Aura Light provides more consistent lighting to a subject’s face, with a yellowish tone to match anyone’s skin tone.

Together with the special built-in light, the Aura LIght Portrait System also makes use of the Sony IMX766V ultra-sensing sensor and the OIS+EIS combo for brighter and purer night images.


Aside from the hardware, the camera system was further improved by the software. The processing of the Portrait Mode ensures that low-light shots of any human subject look bright, detailed, and have a studio-quality look to them.

Using the Aura Portrait Algorithm feature is fairly easy. Simply launch the camera app, switch to Portrait Mode, enable the flash, choose between different “Styles”, and snap away.

As you can see from the samples below, the Aura Light intelligently adds the perfect amount of lighting to match the ambient light on the scene and the subject.

Bigger than traditional flashes, the Aura Light on the back also ensures that the subject is evenly lit and creates a warm tone. All these features allow the vivo V27 5G to take studio-quality images, even if you’re out and about.

Sharp 50-megapixel Eye AF vlogging camera


These days, a smartphone’s front camera is almost as important as the main ones on the back. Even more so at times, especially if you’re into vlogging and TikTok.

Fortunately, the vivo V27 series has a high-resolution 50-megapixel Eye AF selfie camera with a bright f/2.0 aperture and autofocus (AF) function. It takes images with a high 3060 x 4080 pixel resolution, while videos are shot at 1920 x 1080 (FHD).


Having a high-resolution sensor is great for vlogging as it lets you take talking-head shots with just your phone. The camera app even has a voice enhancer feature for clearer capture. It’s also more than enough for shooting TikTok videos.

Capable hardware for editing


Now that you’ve completed the shooting process, it’s time to edit. If you have the vivo V27, you no longer need an expensive laptop as the  V27 series is equipped with a powerful 2.8GHz MediaTek Dimensity 7200 octa-core processor.

The device also has 12GB of built-in RAM. If that’s not enough, there’s the Dynamic RAM expansion technology that adds up to 8GB of virtual RAM for a total of 20GB. Having a roomy memory means you can edit multiple clips faster, with little to no buffering and lag.

To store all your footage and to edit faster, the device comes with fast 256GB of internal storage.


To edit videos, you can download a separate app from the Google Play Store. Or better yet, use vivo’s own video editor that’s built-in to the Gallery. Simply select all the videos/images you want to include > tap the three-dot menu button > then click Video Clips. From here, you can trim clips, select frames, add text, music, and filters, and even apply beauty filters.

Once done, simply click export and upload it to your chosen social media platform.

Big battery with fast charging


A whole day of shooting means that you need a battery to last long. A battery that can keep up with you as you capture a day of adventures, spontaneous moments, or any type of content you want the world to see.

Thankfully, the vivo V27 is equipped with an all-day battery with its 4,600mAh capacity. But in case you still run out, no need to worry as it also comes with 66W FastCharge, so you can plug it in for a quick 18 minutes and you’re back again with 50% of juice.

Sleek build with Photochromic 2.0 design

Creating content can be hard, especially if you’re lacking enthusiasm. To encourage you to make something, the vivo V27 comes with a thin, light, and attractive design that makes you just want to use it every time.

It’s the thinnest among vivo smartphones at only 7.36mm, which was also made possible by its 60-degree 3D curved screen and a narrow one-piece frame. It’s quite thin but also wide enough so you can shoot videos with ease.


We also love the minimalistic design on the back. — from the camera layout, the camera island, and the attractive ring light. The glass back panel also works well with this color, with accents that kinda look like marble in some angles.

Oh, and of course, there’s the Photochromic technology. Essentially, the color changes as you point it to the sun or UV light. It’s a cool party trick. You can create a stencil of a shape, image, or note, place it on the back, and see it essentially printed there.

With its advanced camera sensor and stabilization, special Aura Light feature, sharp front camera, capable hardware, all-day battery, fast charging, and sleek and unique design, the vivo V27 series definitely has the right features which make it a portable content studio that can easily fit on anyone’s pocket.

The vivo V27 has a price of Php24,999 in the Philippines. For more updates, make sure you stay tuned on the brand’s official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

This article was created by NoypiGeeks in partnership with vivo Philippines.

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