If you always check your social media, it’s impossible not to see these black and white photos with a caption “challenge accepted”. From your girl friends to your favorite female celebrities, these photos are everywhere. And since you’re here, you’re just as interested what it’s all about.

The explanation of the posts is simple. It’s a viral Instagram/Facebook challenge that’s only sent through DMs/PMs. It’s more like a 2020 version of a chain message but with a goal of uplifting women.

The message provides that “among women, there are several criticisms, instead, we should take care of each other.” It also includes heartwarming words such as “..you are beautiful, strong, and incredible.”

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The said message also prompts users to send it to other women. For some, it’s as much as 50 women, while some ask for only 10. Regardless, this explains the virality.

However, if you have not received this message, don’t be afraid to post your photo. Or even without any kind of challenge, whether you’re a woman or not, never hesitate to post what makes you happy. Even at times like this, this kind of positivity brings a long way.

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