TikTok is so popular these days. You probably have seen a lot of people on the internet posting their TikTok videos. Without a doubt, some videos are really entertaining, while others are funny and there are those which are insanely creative.

With the popularity of TikTok, it isn’t also surprising that several challenges started to arise in this internet platform. And when we say internet challenge, it means viral stunts or acts that a large number of people are doing online. The latest one is the TikTok Invisible Challenge.

However, people need to be careful in participating in these kind of TikTok challenges. Through a Facebook post, Cyber Security Philippines (CERT) warned users for the potential risk of joining the widely popular Invisible Challenge in TikTok.

What is the TikTok Invisible Challenge?

The Invisible Challenge is a TikTok fad that has been making waves because of its seemingly “simple mechanics”.

So, how does it work? First, the TikTok user must dance to a beat (just like doing a basic TikTok video). While dancing, he/she must activate the invisible filter (which turns the user into a silhouette) by raising the hands. The sketchy part and the “challenge” actually begins here. Once the filter is on, the user must undress.



Why is the TikTok Invisible Challenge dangerous?

For teens, this sounds like any ordinary challenge. The potential risks are not visible. You removed your clothes but your naked body is not visible because a filter covers it. However, that’s not always the case. The whole challenge poses huge security risks.

According to a post shared by CERT, once you record a picture or video of your private parts, it may come out beyond your control.

Uploading these images and videos also increases the danger. Why? Because you’re already sending your videos or photos to TikTok’s servers. Remember, this is only a filter and the original video of you naked might be decoded or leaked from TikTok’s server.

CERT also reiterated that the issue is not only the potential pixel reversing, but more importantly, the challenge discloses the identities of these “gullible and exploitable teens” who merely follow hype and trends in social media. Since TikTok ID is available publicly, sex offenders and pedophiles will be able to know who these teens are.

The internet is no safe place. Always be critical when it comes to what you post or do online. Stay safe!

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