We can’t deny how popular TikTok is these days. It’s so huge that you probably have watched bunch of celebrities, influencers or even just your neighbor (which you no longer see in person because quarantine) post a TikTok video of themselves.

TikTok’s looping 3-30 second videos have become the source of entertainment for many people. That is why, it didn’t come as a surprise that Google will soon rival it with its own Youtube “Shorts.”

According to a report from The Information, Google will launch “Shorts”, a feature inside the Youtube mobile app. Shorts will allow users to post a brief video using its wide array of licensed music as background. The video will be posted in a “feed” along with other user-generated content. This works quite similarly like TikTok. Google believes that its enormous copyrighted music portfolio will be their biggest advantage over the competitor.

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TikTok debuted in China in 2016. After two years, the Chinese-owned mobile application launched worldwide. Since its international release, TikTok has become one the fastest growing online platform with 125% growth over the course of two years according to App Annie.

Moreover, a report from The Information says that TikTok had around 842 million first-time downloads in both Google Play and Apple Store.

However, TikTok has been subject to various controversies. One of which is that the mobile platform has been putting out discriminatory guidelines when it censored content from persons with disability, physical defects, and those in the lower-income sector.

Google has not officially confirmed anything about it yet. Meanwhile, a report from The Information pointed out that Facebook has also developed a TikTok competitor named Lasso.

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