Facebook is silently rolling-out the new Watch Party feature in the Philippines.

Announced a couple of months ago, Facebook Watch Party lets people watch a pre-recorded video together, with the ability to comment simultaneously while watching the clip. The shared viewing experience can make friends or relatives miles away feel at home, as they enjoy the same video with their loved ones.

Originally, Facebook Watch Party was only made available in groups. However, last night we started seeing it in personal messages and group chats as well.


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When you send a video to someone, Facebook will automatically add a “watch with friend”  or “watch with group” button. After that, a pop-up with different options will appear to help you decide on how you want to do the watch party.

Facebook-Watch-Party-PM-Group-Chat Like its first implementation, the feature works as if you’re watching a Facebook Live video with friends. The difference is its private and only the members of the party can see and chat about what they are watching, as opposed to a live video everybody else can ruin the viewing experience.

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