Instagram influencers posted 30% fewer sponsored content during the lockdown


A lot of business—even online marketing—took a blow from the pandemic’s effect. Such effect could be reflected on mobile marketing as well as app advertising budgets. Instagram influencers are part of this circle. 

According to Socialbakers (a marketing platform for social media), they observed that sponsored content courtesy of these Instagram influencers lowered in the first few months of 2020. 

This is because brands with an existing partnership among these influencers did not choose to invest in sponsored posts the past few months while the pandemic lingers. The numbers lowered to 30% starting April of this year. 


During the duration of the lockdown period, there was already a 37% drop in brands when it came to partnering with influencers. Compared to April 2019, the average interactions and posts released by brands had a 41% drop April this year. 

What saw a considerable boost and stable cooperation were those involved in health care. This, of course, may be the priority due to the health awareness brought on my the virus. In fact, it was 4.2x more active than other brand posts. 

To sum it up: carousel posts (both videos and images) on Instagram surpassed mere images over a two-year time frame measurement. 

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Lesser brands (those with 10,000 or less followers on the said social media platform) are finding influencer marketing more at ease for them than their larger brand counterparts. Larger brands actually benefit from teaming up with macro influencers which have garnered over a million followers. 

About 40% of brand parterships happen with smaller influencers with up to 15,000 followers in the past 16 months. Next up were micro influencers—those with less than 10,000 followers. 

CEO of Socialbakers, Yuval Ben-Itzhak, comments that although the coronavirus created such a huge impact on economy at a span of a few months; brands are still very much investing towards influencer marketing. 

With businesses and even online economy struggling as the COVID-19 razes on, these brands are not set to simply disappear. Careful strategy and close coordination with both micro and macro influncers makes these brands sure that they stay in the game. 


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