As you make more friends, you get to see more content in your News Feed. Sadly, many of these posts are useless to you. I know we all experienced this issue, that’s why we’re glad to inform you that you can now easily filter your newsfeed.

Organize your feed by going to facebook.com/friends/organize and only see relevant content from important people.

If you’re not satisfied with the results you get with the above method, you can always manually sort your friends into different lists. Those whom you interact most often and want to be notified each time they post should be placed into Close Friends. A Restricted list is also available for those you want things kept private from, even though you’ve added them as Facebook friends. These friends, like your boss or professors, will see your public content only if you tag them. You can also make your own custom lists.

An even more effective method is by going to a friend’s wall or profile. There you can turn off notifications and/or only receive the most important updates from that friend. All these methods should help clean up your Facebook News Feed, so that you only get the most relevant posts in the future. They take time, but they’re worth getting rid of the clutter. Maybe you shouldn’t have added nobodies as your Facebook friends in the first place.

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