Billions of people use social media sites such as Facebook every single day. For a platform that has become a staple in people’s lives, the social media inevitably holds massive loads of data, each of which carrying a level of sensitivity that is a concern to every person.

But if the same platform you trusted your sensitive information with to get hacked, you know you would be in trouble if someone gets a hand of them, although one should not if they follow safety precautions regularly.

Here are the 3 things you should do should Facebook gets hacked which compromised your important data:

Check the devices with Facebook account access

One nifty feature which Facebook has is to monitor whichever device logs into every account. As an individual user, this is a way of informing you whichever device you used to log in your account or, better yet, tell you if there is an illicit access to it.

With Facebook just recently hacked, the chances of your account getting logged from another device is highly probable if you are among the 50 million reported users who had their accounts compromised.

To check, go to Facebook’s Security and Login page and see on the tab which says, “Where You’re Logged In.” In it, you will see a complete list of devices that were used with your account and their specific location.

If you see devices that are unfamiliar to you or otherwise a log from a location that is remote from you, simply choose to remove such device from the list by clicking on the “Remove” option.


Replace your existing password

When a platform gets hacked, one of every user’s supposed immediate concern is whether or not somebody had learned of their account’s password, which is basically a key to their account. Whether or not you are among those who had been compromised in the hack, the best thinking should always be that you were and, thus, had to do something about it.


Intuitively, in that case, changing your current password to something else is a must.

To keep your account less probable in getting hacked through your password, always make it complex by using a mixture of alphanumeric characters as well as symbols. The less likely the password is significant to you, the less chances of someone else would figure it out.

Although instinct would suggest that writing down your password in a paper would be wise at that point, it still risks you of someone getting across it and used it against you. Instead, there is another viable options to have your password to be as complex as possible while at the same time keep it for you as a reminder—make use of a password management app like LastPass or 1Password.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Keeping your account more secure is best if you have the so-called two-factor authentication enabled which is basically a system about using unique code every single time you log your account from a new device. Typically, this involves Facebook sending over an SMS containing a unique set of serial which you must manually use to log into your account.

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