Despite being met with controversy, Twitter was bought and is now owned by tech billionaire Elon Musk. Since taking the driver’s seat, Musk has introduced a couple of drastic changes to the platform. One of them is the newly introduced gold, gray, and blue badges.

As what you might expect, the new Twitter color badges will help distinguish different accounts.

Musk explained that the Twitter Gold badge is for companies, Twitter Grey is for government accounts, and the Twitter Blue mark is for individuals whether they are celebrities or not. He added that all verified accounts will be “manually authenticated before check activates.”

The new Twitter head added that all verified individual accounts would still have the same blue check badge, but would soon be able to show a secondary tiny logo pronouncing that they “belong to an org(anization) if verified by that org(anization).”


Musk has previously released a proposal for a paid subscription that will allow users to pay USD8 (around Php450) per month to get a “verified” badge. The feature was previously free and is reserved for organizations and public figures with the aim to eliminate misinformation and impersonation.

However, the plan immediately went down south as impersonators and other illegal accounts paid to have their accounts “verified”.

In response, Musk has postponed the feature’s launch date to November 29 and delayed it further to December 2.

Musk explains that the subscription service will allow them to diversify the platform’s revenue stream.

Twitter continues to be on the rocks since Musk’s acquisition. Big problems include major brands withdrawing their advertisements on the platform — which is a big deal since 90% of the company’s revenue comes from advertisements.

The social media platform has also experienced mass resignation in the past few weeks due to employees’ disagreement with Musk’s new rules, policies, and deadlines.

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