All you aspiring influencers out there, raise your hands! Whether you’re enjoying a beach trip with friends are getting a cozy rest at home this Labor Day weekend, take advantage of this mini break to master your angles and take *cool* photos and videos so you can start gracing the social media feeds of your followers like a real pro.

While you’re unleashing your inner creativity, bear in mind the value of a powerful smartphone and the huge role it plays when building your personal brand. It doesn’t matter if you plan to be a full-time digital creator or just do it on the side, the quality of your content will become your most valuable asset.


Enter the latest premium smartphone from vivo, the vivo V27 5G. Featuring a new 50-megapixel Eye AF Selfie Vlogging Camera and Aura Light Portrait System that enables you to have a compact photo studio with you whenever and wherever you are, this device will surely take your photo and video quality up a notch!

Oh, and of course, it looks stylish, too! With the V27 5G’s enchanting color-changing Emerald Green rear glass that reflects a spectrum of brilliant colors as it gets hit by sunlight or other UV light source, you can instantly add a pop of color to your mirror selfies.

That said, are you ready to embrace your content creator era? Let the new vivo V27 5G become your ultimate tool.

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