An 8-year-old kid with cerebral palsy from Mexico City was given the chance to walk thanks to a robotic exoskeleton made specifically for children.

The boy, named David Zabala, has been using a wheelchair since an early age which has also left him deaf.

Thankfully, Zabala was able to experience walking and standing in a therapy room thanks to the Atlas 2030 exoskeleton. This invention allowed its creator to win the European Inventor Award.


It was designed by Elena Garcia Armada, a Spanish professor, with the goal of allowing children on wheelchairs to walk during muscle rehabilitation therapy.

The suit is battery-powered, has mechanical joints, and is built from titanium material. It can intelligently adapt to the motion of each child.

His mother, Guadalupe Cardoso, detailed the child’s experience and how “taking his first steps” is a real joy for him.

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Zabala was a bit scared when initially until he started enjoying it when he held a marker pen and started drawing and also playing with a ball.

Besides giving paralyzed children a chance to experience walking, it also extends their life expectancy, improves their physical well-being, and up their self-esteem.

This exoskeleton also sees improvements in the field of therapy and hopeful for more innovation in the future.

Via: Daily Mail

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