When you look back on how far humans have tinkered with technology, we have come to major creations such as the Artificial Intelligence (AI) which has both amused and assisted humans for years. Now, it has sparked amazement that the Cebuano Wikipedia is almost entirely written by bots.

For starters, the Cebuano Wikipedia is now the world’s second largest Wiki edition. While Wikipedia’s primary goal is for users to access knowledge readily through various languages, these ‘different language’ on Wikipedia are known as ‘editions’. By being second largest edition means the Cebuano Wikipedia is just lagging about 630,000 articles behind the English version.

A considerable feat it is that a global administrator, Guilherme Morandini, discovered that 99.12% of these articles were created by a bot known as Lsjbot.

Lsjbot was created by Swedish physicist, Sverker Johansson, and is also the primary bot responsible not only for the Cebuana translation, but as well as Swedish and Waray-Waray Wikipedias. Specifically, the bot focuses on writing articles about living organisms and geographical identities.

Amazing is the fact that, despite only having 5.37 million articles published, there are only 6 administrators and 14 active users. Moreover, out of 35 editors, only 5 of these are actual human beings.

Vermont, a long-time global administrator, shares that bots are a product of people. While some could be potentially harmful to systems, there are those tasked to manage Wikipedia editions such as what is being done with the Cebuano Wikipedia. Furthermore, Vermont says that the edition serves as a “pilot wiki”. In a way, it takes time to perfect the ability of bots to pen down articles, but he is not entirely disregarding that it’s a possibility in the near future.

The report published by Vice also notes that it was “rather peculiar” how the Cebuano dialect ranks second to English in terms of Wikipedia editions when there are only as much as 16.5 million speakers of the dialect in the Philippines.

In our digital age, nothing seems to be impossible. Computers could think in behalf of humans, or they could ‘ghostwrite’ an essay on behalf of someone who’s cramming with paperwork.

Whatever the uses of technology are these days, we can be certain of the word ‘advanced’. What do you think about bots managing Wikipedia—even Websites? You can let us know your opinions on the comment section below.

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