Cherry Mobile now has its own camera lab

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It is an open secret that Cherry Mobile doesn’t really produce their own smartphones. The company partners with original device manufacturers (ODMs) in China to help create smartphones for them.

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a say in how these devices are made. Well, if they are putting their brand name on these phones, they must have at least an input on how they are going to be made.

Hence, the company has put up a Camera Lab at their headquarters in Manila. Together with the Samsung Electronics Device Solution Group, the camera testing lab has been formed.

Cherry Mobile Camera Lab Philippines

This goes to show how consumers really value the camera quality on their smartphones. People like to capture every moment they experience. In fact, most of the content that is shared across social media platforms nowadays are either pictures and videos.

With that, Cherry Mobile recognizes the need for better mobile photography. The company wants to provide the best possible smartphone camera experience you can have for the money.

Cherry Mobile Camera Lab Manila

The said lab is like a big studio filled with miniature studios. Each one has different types of equipment and photo subjects to test the cameras on.

This allows Cherry Mobile to check the smartphone camera’s color quality, sharpness, dynamic range, ISO levels, and more.

Cherry Mobile Camera Lab Smartphones

After the tests are concluded, all of the suggested tweaks and alteration suggestions by Cherry Mobile will be sent to the ODM back in China for implementation.

When the final product reaches the Philippines, you’d know that its camera system is under Cherry Mobile’s own specifications.


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