Have you been dreaming of learning another language apart from what you already know? Maybe, because of special interest or out of a sheer penchant for that one other language you have been eyeing for.

If this is you, then we have good news for you—the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is now opening its doors to interested individuals who would like to partake in a curriculum that teaches foreign languages and cultures. Better yet, it is free.

Via a Facebook post, TESDA announced the opening for the pre-registrations for select language programs through its National Language Skills Center, which will begin in August 2023. The languages on offer are as follows:

  • Japanese Language and Culture (150 hours)
  • Japanese Language and Culture – Level II (300 hours)
  • Basic Korean Language and Culture (100 hours)
  • English Proficiency for Customer Service Workers (100 hours)
  • Spanish Language for Different Vocations (100 hours)

Successful candidates of the program will be subject to 4 hours of training per day from Monday to Friday, with sessions taking place in the morning or the afternoon.

But to qualify for the scheme, you must be at least 18 years of age and a graduate of high school. If you meet both criteria, you may send your application to lsi@tesda.gov.ph.

Why learn a foreign language?

Where language is a barrier that prevents us Filipinos from getting access to certain possibilities, learning a different language and culture—particularly those coming from the dominant markets—opens doors to favorable life opportunities.

Alternatively, it serves as a good starting point to broaden our horizon about the way of life and means of communication of the people from across the border.

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