Singularity, or a hypothetical future when technology has overwhelming advanced past the point of no return, may be happening in our lifetime. That could be the end of humanity as we know it.

This warning comes from Mo Gawdat, a former Google executive from the search giant’s moonshot organization X Development.

When interviewed by The Times, he claimed that AI developers at X were “creating God.” He came to this realization after seeing an AI-controlled one-arm robot pick up a small ball and then show it off to the developers in a flaunting manner that, to Gawdat, seemed very humanlike.


It’s not just Gawdat who fears singularity. Elon Musk also recently warned of the coming of smarter-than-human AI within the next five years.

Even without exceeding human intelligence, today’s AI has already caused damage to society due to abuse and arguably immoral applications.

For one, there’s deepfake AI that can create very convincing images and videos of people that portray them in disturbingly traumatizing scenes, including pornography and fake news. For another, we have job displacements, misinformation, and privacy violations, which can be partly or fully blamed to AI.

Via: Futurism

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