Heads up, career shifters and college students! The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) recently released the highlights of its 2022 Occupational Wages Survey. The top ten high-paying jobs in the Philippines just might help you decide on your future career path.

While these high-earning professions gained the spotlight, PSA also shed light on salaries among benchmark occupations (i.e., occupations that are common across establishments). Accounting and bookkeeping clerks earned an average of ₱19,676 in 2022 or a 9.3-percent increase from 2020, while unskilled workers in elementary occupations received Php12,276 each month in 2022 or a 5.9-percent increase from 2020.

Here are the top ten highest-paying occupations in the Philippines as of 2022:

  1. Aircraft pilots and related associate professionals – Php135,363
  2. Software developers – Php70,595
  3. Mathematicians and actuaries – Php69,654
  4. Production supervisors and general foremen – Php63,017
  5. Applications programmers – Php58,643
  6. Specialist medical practitioners – Php57,476
  7. Statisticians – Php51,607
  8. Medical doctors/Generalist medical practitioners – Php51,251
  9. Geologists – Php49,059
  10. Accountants – Php48,982

The survey covered 16,057 formal establishments with at least 20 workers nationwide, collecting data on wage rates in 193 monitored occupations across 72 industries. Full-time workers saw their average monthly wage rate rise to Php18,423, an 11.7 percent increase from the ₱16,486 average in 2020.

The PSA data also revealed an interesting trend that differs from the traditional gender wage disparities in the workforce. Female workers outpaced their male counterparts, with a median monthly pay of Php14,916 compared to Php14,413 for males.

The median basic pay for full-time workers in all industries rose to Php14,588 per month in 2022, a 6.9% increase from 2020. Out of the 18 major industries covered by the survey, twelve exceeded the median. Workers in the electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning supply industry continued to have the highest median monthly at Php29,928.

Source: PSA

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