OPPO is introducing the industry’s first nature-inspired earbuds with the Enco Air3 Pro, which mimics nature’s authentic way of generating quality sounds. This true wireless earbud embodies a bamboo-fiber diaphragm dome, meticulously made to recreate the bamboo paper-making process resulting in an elastic, light, and rigid product.

The OPPO Enco Air3 Pro’s bamboo-fiber diaphragm bolsters the base of the sound chamber that generates the greatest possible clarity of sounds in high frequencies. Lower frequencies, meanwhile, are not necessarily overlooked, thanks to the base contender located at the rear inner cavity of the speaker, augmenting the user’s immersion.

But while the Enco Air3 Pro’s innovative hardware is something to write home about, the quality of sound it produces is largely thanks to its LDAC Bluetooth codec support. Essentially, a fusion of high-quality soundstage and avante-garde Bluetooth codec.


Another major factor that makes the Enco Air3 Pro unique and a cut above the rest is its OPPO Enco Master feature. With the Enco Master Tuning, as facilitated by its bamboo-fiber diaphragm dome, users could experiment with three different EQ settings with a variety of rhythms, like Bass Boost, Original Sound, and Natural Inspiration.

Physical-wise the Enco Air3 Pro is hard to differentiate from its predecessors because of their similarities in structure. But not everything about it is a copy of its forerunners. Apart from its vitalizing green hue, its stem shape with round sides and distinguishable “R” (right) and “L” (left) markings make it significantly distinct. What makes it superior, however, lies in its in-canal fit, which serves as a more potent active noise cancellation.

Control is also another substantial upgrade from its forebears, too. By touching the top-sensitive regions on the top of each earpiece, users are given access to a suite of controls. Namely, playback controls, volume, voice assistant access, and noise cancellation settings.

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