World wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee believes internet access should be a basic right that every person in the world must have universal access.

Warning of the worsening digital divide, Berners-Lee has written a blog post in celebration of the World Wide Web’s 32nd anniversary to urge governments to cooperate and guarantee universal access to the Internet by the year 2030.

In his post, Berners-Lee laments how many individuals are deprived of Internet access and therefore unable to showcase their talent and skills. This, to him, leads to lost opportunity and slowdown of innovation.

Amid the ongoing global health crisis, Tim Berners-Lee has also voiced out his concern on the spread of misinformation and abuse. In particular, he mentions how web has been exploited to take advantage of women.

Berners-Lee has nevertheless ended his post on a positive note, inviting everyone to step up and tackle the challenges in improving the web.

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