In a decision that will see the world’s third largest manufacturer of smartphones back on its track, Xiaomi wins a court ruling against the Department of Defense’s imposition to have the company restricted off of investments coming from the United States.

The Chinese company almost followed a similar fate as Huawei after being labelled as having alleged connections with China’s military, invoking financial restrictions that was meant to take into effect next week.

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Siding with Xiaomi Corp., U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras has ordered a halt to the ban, citing the “arbitrary and capricious” nature of the sanction as well as the notion that the company in question was denied of due process rights.

In addition, Contreras also claims that Xiaomi is likely to win full reversal of the ban, following litigation and initial injunction, such that it offsets the possibility of the company suffering from an “irreparable harm.”

Source: WSJ

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