Gaming peripheral brand Vertux is now in the Philippines


Dubai’s high-end gaming peripheral brand has finally arrived in the Philippines. From keyboards to gaming microphones, Vertux offers a wide array of accessories for Filipino gamers.

To name a few, the Tantalum, Tungsten, and RaidKey are the best-selling keyboards of Vertux. Depending on the model, features include customizable LED modes, programmable macro keys, and ergonomic design. Many of them are also mechanical gaming keyboards that are often more durable and faster than regular keyboards.

For mouse choices, Vertux is selling the Dominator, Cobalt, Drago, among others. With up to 4,800 DPI, these mice offer optimized accuracy for gaming. These mice also come with extra, programmable buttons, and customizable LED backlights.


Vertux even offers high-quality gaming mousepads. One model, the Fluxpad, features USB-powered RGB lighting and a sleek design with a smooth surface that guarantees minimal friction for greater mouse precision.

For the rest of your gaming equipment, Vertux also offers high-quality gaming headset, such as the Havana, and gaming microphones such as the Streamer-2.

To top it off, Vertux also offers a two-year warrant for its gaming devices.


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