Finding a common free time among team members to schedule a meeting can be a hassle when you do it manually. A new app called MeetBit can do it for you in just a few seconds.

Available in Windows and Mac, MeetBit is a desktop app that checks the existing calendar apps of team members, overlays them together to determine the common free time among members, and creates a meeting link. This cuts down the back-and-forth communication that typically happens when booking meetings are done manually.

As part of its hassle-free experience, MeetBit also provides notifications, an option to avoid last-minute meetings, and booking page customizations. The app also let guests self-schedule meetings.

Supported calendars include Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. The app also has integration with video conferencing tools, such as Skype and Zoom. Most features of MeetBit are available in the free version, but a paid version is also available for advanced features.

MeetBit is developed by a startup founded by undergrad students from Ateneo de Manila University. Per their interview with Start Up Podcast PH, students Lance Villacin and Kirsten Marini Sy wanted to a solution that could combine multiple calendars into a single view to streamline bookings and appointments.

Source: EsquireMag

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