Ill-equipped to face the rather “unconventional” demand of the pandemic, many households are facing issues that make distance learning a difficult feat.

In a survey conducted by Pulse Asia between February 22 and March 3, a finding arose showing that quality internet access and having the right gadgets being common problems affecting the parents and their learners.

That is a collected data from 1,200 adult participants, 63% of whom have children enrolled in basic education. Of all the subjects involved, 43% claim that poor internet connection (intermittent) being a pressing issue; 36% cite lacking needed hardware; and 30% point to the cost of the internet as a problem.

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In a separate survey, coming from 2019 data from the National ICT Household Survey, it was identified that NCR has the highest concentration of households with access to the internet, but at the same time, also suffers most from unstable (55%) and more expensive (47%) internet. In addition, households within the NCR have the least number who have issues with access to the right gadget in comparison to the rest of the country, involving the three major islands: Luzon (41%), Visayas (33%), and Mindanao (34%).

Meanwhile, the Bangsamoro ARMM (95.5%) and Region IX (93.8%) showed the greatest number of households without access to the internet.

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