Petron Corporation is eyeing the completion of a 184-megawatts (MW) power plant that will be housed inside its existing refinery in Limay Bataan by Q2 2022.

According to Petron CEO and President Ramon Ang, via Manila Standard, the new power plant will serve as a pivot from “fossil fuel,” enabling the conversion of the raw material into “higher value fuels.”

In Phase 3, the project will embody some cutting-edge revolving fluidized bed boilers that will facilitate the generation of steam and production of power for the refinery, and subsequently be independent of the Luzon Power Grid.

As the power plant becomes sequestered from fossil fuel for energy, it can instead convert the feedstock into commodities, like diesel and gasoline.

The first of its kind in the Philippines, the power plant made history by using clean coal technology and by being able to reduce its carbon footprint by 95 percent relative to regular coal-powered power plants.

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