The Philippines becomes a host to a globally-accredited cyber school as it launches the CybersCool Defcon, an Israeli cybersecurity education company, in Manila.

Rendering programs under the curriculum established by Tel Aviv-based ThriveDX, CybersCool Defcon brings the skills and knowledge of the company’s founder, Roy Zur, who is known as the person who led and trained Israel’s elite Cyber and Intelligence Units.

Company founder Tatoo Amsili cites, during the launch, the relevance of the offering to go beyond just security, but also encompass the many other aspects of life around cybersecurity.

Even government personnel as well will also become beneficiaries of the program, concomitant to a planned discussion on how to render the training programs, Amsili said—adding that the government must not become solely reliant on third-party service providers.


Comprising six training programs, including the “Zero to Hero Cybersecurity Bootcamp, the CybersCool Defcon will start operation in August 2022.

As it comes to fruition, the school gives credit to Edison Abella in addition to Tatoo Amsili as its founders, while calling Chief Justice Reynato Puno as the chairman of the board.

One of the co-founders, Brig. Gen. Rami Efrati, who is also the former head of the Israel National Cyber Bureau-Civilian Sector, stated that with the establishment also comes the implication that “Israel is ready to share its knowledge in cybersecurity.”

Further, Efrati explains that the concept of “cyber” is not merely about “cyberattacks [sic],” but also extends it to “cyberterrorism,” alluding to acts that attempt to influence the people and the government through illicit means. Ones that he believes must be stopped “immediately”.

With the establishment of the cybersecurity school, Israel Ambassador to the Philippines Ilan Fluss views it as a “strong foundation” where further cybersecurity collaborations between the two countries take root.

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