Learning computer programming needs a lot of time and consistency. The market is ever-changing and constantly upgrading with new advancements in technology.

Fortunately, there are tons of digital resources available from podcasts, blogs, and video tutorials to boost anyone’s coding skills. Recently, dedicated apps have been made to help people conveniently learn to code wherever they are.

So today, we are compiling our list of the best coding apps to learn web design and software development in 2020.



Known as one of the most recommended apps to learn to code, SoloLearn contains 900 topics for computer programming and software development. You heard that right! The app is a good aid to study the latest programming methods depending on your proficiency. Once you can sign up for an account, the app will assess your level of technical skills whether you are a starter, intermediate, or advanced.

The most used programming languages are offered such as Python, HTML, CSS, Java, Kotlin, C#, C, C++, Ruby, Swift, and SQL. You can also use the app in offline mode while you study with an engaging lesson and a customized-built environment for integrated learning development.

Probably the only negative side of SoloLearn is that the learning program does not offer (yet) Rust, Scheme, Elixier, and Erlang as it’s not mainstream. A monthly subscription costs $4.99 while an annual plan is priced at $3.99/month.

Download SoloLearn: Android | iOS


As the one-stop-shop app for easy-learning basic to advanced Java development, CodeGym gives quick and short discussions which surely fits any person’s busy schedule.

It contains 600 lecture lessons and up to 1,200 learning assignments with a dedicated IDE, perfect for coding at the comfort of a smartphone.


In addition, the app is based on gamification as there are ten different levels of difficulty that contains a quest for learning coding skills. This means that you will feel that you are just playing another role playing game (RPG) where you need to level-up and upgrade your character constantly. However, it is only limited to Java courses and exclusively for beginners only. Your tasks will be checked instantly and you can interact with a community of Java learners.

Download CodeGym: Android

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Programming Hub

Reviewed as one of the largest platforms for learning how to code, Programming Hub offers more than 17 languages of programming straight from your smartphone. You don’t have to be connected to Wi-Fi also so you can practice anywhere and anytime you want. Surprisingly, it has very organized learning content so you easily follow along the course.

The interface of the app is structured, user-friendly, and intuitive as it is made user experience (UX) in mind. It’s also possible to get a virtual certification, so you can put it in your resume as proof. However, some users have noticed that various courses are incomplete such as the discussion about Python plus the spelling and grammatical errors on statements with misplaced answer keys for some test questions.

If you wish to go on the intermediate level of learning plus additional lesson materials, you can always get its premium version. The monthly fee for the Pro plan is $6.99 while a three-month continuous subscription is priced at $14.59. For an annual plan, you can save more by just paying $41.99 instead of $175.

Download Programming Hub: Android | iOS



For developers who want to master three coding languages, Encode is the best app on the market for all beginners. It may have a narrow choice of courses but you can focus on the three most common methods where you will be dealing with the simplest to the most complex procedures. Thus, it offers more learning opportunities rather than learning all with little knowledge on each.

After the discussions, you will be surprised that you can handle projects from scratch as it has a fully customized interface and functional voice recognition assistants. But, if you wish to get more content and modules, you can sign up for its premium subscription that is offered with a price of $4.99 per month.

Download Encode: Android


Enki is an app perfect for beginners that don’t know coding at al. After downloading and registering for an account, it will take you to answer a short quiz to tailor fit the best learning experience for you. You can also learn web programming, blockchain basics, SQL, and software development plus bonus discussions on fintech and marketing through an intuitive system.


However, the company doesn’t offer a web-based app so you can’t use your laptop or desktop PC to study when you are at home. Unlike the above-mentioned apps, there are just limited community members that you can interact with. Moreover, its premium plan is priced at $48.99 which you need to pay annually.

Download Enki: Android | iOS

Programming Hero

If you want to have fun while learning coding languages, Programming Hero is a great app to use where you can explore all the gaming elements that its creators have implemented. The learning modules are fit for beginners and proficient users alike.


Plus, you can also learn data structure, OOP, and algorithms conveniently. However, each module needs to be purchased individually which starts from $1.99 up to $13.99. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an app-based IDE so you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits that other programming apps has to offer.

Download Programming Hero: Android | iOS



If you want to learn programming languages seriously and intensively, Udacity is the best choice for crash courses in CSS, JavaScript, Python, and HTML. Most users reviewed it as their top choice for picking up coding skills in just a few days or even hours.

That’s it! Did we miss anything? If you have other suggestions for learn to code mobile apps, let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Like the whole world, technology is moving on, and if 10 years ago you had to read a hundred books to learn programming, now this trend is slowly fading, but I’m not saying that books are bad, just a lot of alternatives like these applications appear. When I was studying hard, I read books, articles, blogs, and used mobile apps, all of which complemented each other. I work for a fintech software development company and since we are talking about useful applications for learning, I used Enki and Encode, they really help to understand and learn a lot of interesting things.

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