The Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) has announced that the application for Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) program for 2020 is now open. 

The JLSS program intends to assist deserving and talented incoming third year college students enrolled in priority courses in the area of science and technology. It is one of the undergraduate scholarships offered by the DOST unit with the other being the S&T Undergraduate Scholarship which targets incoming freshmen in college. To qualify for the program, applicants must pass the JLSS examination.  

Types of DOST Scholarships 

There are three types of scholarships under the JLSS program, namely: 

1.) Republic Act 10612 – This RA seeks to empower the Philippines’ science and technology education through advancement of students in the field of science, engineering and mathematics who will be future instructors in the secondary education level. 

2.) Republic Act 7687 – This grant is intended for students whose families’ financial and social status did not exceed the threshold values of certain factors set by the standards.  

3.) Merit Scholarship – This program awards students with competence in science and mathematics subjects. 

Who are qualified for the DOST-SEI JLSS Scholarship program? 

The qualifications for each type of scholarship, although targeted for different kinds of students and their field of excellence, are quite similar with only a slight addition for those who will fall under the RA 7687.  

Among the qualifications are:  

1.) Natural-born Filipino citizen (citizens since birth);

2.) Incoming regular 3rd year college student enrolled in a priority S&T course for school year 2020-2021; 

3.) Whose general weighted average (GWA) is at least eighty-three percent (83%) or its equivalent during his/her first year and the first semester of the 2nd year in college; 

4.) Resident of a municipality as testified by the barangay; 

5.) Of good health and good moral character; and 

(a) Have not taken an examination for DOST-SEI previously; or 
(b) Have taken the examination for DOST-SEI Undergraduate program but did not fulfil the requirements for the scholarship; or 
(c) DOST-SEI Undergraduate program qualifier but did not avail of the privileges 

7.) Passes the JLSS Examination 

*To qualify for the RA 7687 program, the applicant must come from a family whose financial and social status do not exceed the threshold values of certain factors set by the standards.

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What are the requirements for the DOST-SEI JLSS Scholarship? 

1.) 2020 Junior Level Science Scholarships Application Form  

2.) Official Transcript of Records (TOR) for the first two years in college. A True Copy of Grades (TCG) may also be accepted. 

3.) Most recent (1”x1”) ID picture 

4.) Copy of Birth Certificate 

5.) High School Diploma, Form 137 or any document containing the DepEd Learner Reference Number 

6.) For the applicant’s parents — 2019 Income Tax Return/Employment Contract/BIR Certificate of Exemption for filing of ITR or Barangay Certificate of Indigency 

What are the benefits of qualified applicants of the DOST-SEI JLS Scholarship program? 

There are two (2) categories of the benefits. One for the regular academic year and another if the student-applicant is required to take summer classes as stated in the curriculum.

For the regular academic year of DOST JLS scholars, the privileges include:

  • Tuition and other school fees of Php40,000/year
  • Book allowance amounting to Php10,000/year
  • Transportation allowance in the form of 1 economy-class roundtrip fare for those who are studying outside his/her home province
  • Monthly living allowance of Php7,000
  • One-time thesis allowance of Php10,000
  • Graduation clothing allowance of Php1,000
  • Premium group health and accident insurance coverage

For the summer class allowances of DOST-SEI JLS scholars:

  • Provision for tuition and other fees amount to Php1,500
  • Book allowance of Php500 subject to liquidation
  • Living allowance of Php7,000/month for two months

How can I apply for the DOST-SEI JLS Scholarship? 

Submission of applications and required documents shall be done through the DOST-SEI’s E-scholarship Application Portal

Deadline of applications for school year 2020-2021 is only until April 30, 2020 while the date of examination is scheduled on June 7, 2020.  

Take note that the DOST JLS Scholarship is launched annually so bookmark this guide for your next year’s application.  

For interested applicants, you may check this JLSS Program Primer.  

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