Do you take screenshots instead of snapping the photo when taking a selfie on an iPhone? Apparently, you’re not alone.

Influencer Liliana Madrigal posted an interesting TikTok video, which has already garnered 3.7 million views. She criticized the image quality you get when taking pictures the normal way on iPhones as it apparently looks “so bad.”


Screenshotting selfies only slay ????????

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Instead, what she does is open the camera app, and take a screenshot. Then, simply crop the image to remove the camera app’s UI. For Instagram Stories, she then changes the camera app’s aspect ratio from 4:3 to a taller 16:9.

Madrigal highlighted how this method churns out better selfies as they have better lighting. When asked about the “arrows at the bottom” of the images, Madrigal said that she just leave them be as it looks “kinda cute.”

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The comments were then filled with Generation Z viewers praising the hack or saying that they’re glad to know that they’re not the only ones doing it.

Some also suggest taking a video and screenshot from there. That way, there are more frames to choose from and you automatically get rid of the camera app’s UI.

But more importantly, a lot of people are mad about how Apple’s computational photography tries to correct or uplift the original image.

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