1,921 passwords of 3.28 billion leaked are from PH government websites


About 3.28 billion passwords worldwide were hacked last February 2, which is now called the PWCOMB21, or the Password Compilation Of Many Breaches Of 2021.

The said passwords came from 2.18 billion unique emails. All of them have been filed in a single 18.6GB file, which was published in an online forum for free.

As per Syhunt, a Brazilian network security company, 1,921 of those passwords are from government websites.

Syhunt said that those 1,921 passwords came from domains using

That may only be a small fraction of more than 1.5 billion government-related passwords that are part of the data leak. However, there’s a chance that more Filipinos have been affected as the analysis does not include the specific locations of email addresses from Gmail and other international websites.

The worse victim is the United States, with 625,505 .gov passwords and about 2.78 million .us passwords leaked.

Syhunt discovered that the PWCOMB21 is a result of collective breaches over the years. They added that many leaked passwords came from breaches that exploit a website’s feature that allows users to create an account by linking their email easily.


The security company’s suggestion is not only to change passwords but for users to stop using password naming habits and patterns and create a stronger one that’s harder to crack.

You can read Syhunt’s full report for more info.


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