Ads may now appear on any YouTube videos, regardless if content owners want it or not


There has been a change in YouTube‘s terms of service, one that lets ads to be shown on any videos uploaded to the platform, even if the creators did not opt to display ads.

If you take a gander at the platform’s ToS page, there’s a new section called the right to monetize. In it, YouTube states it will roll out ads even on videos that aren’t part of its YouTube Partner Program, which lets content creators receive a portion of the advertising revenue. 

The change has already irritated several YouTube users, as evidenced by how many reacted negatively to YouTube’s tweet about the updated ToS. But even more irritating is the section clause stating “this agreement does not entitle you to any payments.” 

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In other words, YouTubers who aren’t part of YPP won’t receive a dime from their videos even if ads appeared on them. Obviously, content creators should just join the program if they want to earn off the ads. But not many are eligible.

Among other requirements, the partner program requires that a content owner must have at least 1,000 subscribers and an accumulated 4,000 hours of viewed content in the last 12 months.

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