Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) secretary Alfredo Pascual announced that the first artificial intelligence (AI) research hub in the Philippines is opening in September this year.

During the 7th Joint Economic Briefing of the joint chambers of commerce, the DTI chief said that The Philippines Center for AI Research (CAIR) will have its inauguration on September 9, 2022.

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Pascual revealed that the center will help promote the adoption of AI, which will help boost the country’s regional and global competitiveness, gear up the future workforce, and attract big companies to involve the Philippines in the research and development of AI.

Made through a private-public partnership, CAIR will be the hub of data scientists and researchers involved in the research and development of AI, as well as consulting services. The hub will also be used in creating AI tech products and conducting data literacy programs.


“We plan to leapfrog into new and emerging industries that will modernize our manufacturing base; manufacturing is the country’s guarantee of sustainable and inclusive growth because it provides more stable and higher-paying jobs,” the DTI secretary said.

This means that the country is shifting to high value-added activities as the current administration plans to invest in manufacturing value-added green metals.

Via: ABS-CBN News

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