Technology has improved a lot of throughout the years. It has even become a medical wonder for some people, saving their lives when they least expected it.

In a personal story shared by 50-year old attorney Scott Killian with 9to5Mac, he told the astonishing story of how his Apple Watch saved his life.

He started sharing his story, telling that he had gone through a metabolic workout and a nuclear stress test just a couple of months after he turned 50. The test, which cleared him from any issue, was done in order to remove any doubts or health concerns that come with his age. Of course, a job serving and upholding the law comes with a very high level of stress. Add to that the physical stress he gets from his regular routine of boxing and running.

With his healthy routine, Killian believed that it was quite impossible for him to have a heart attack, especially since he knew that he was doing all to stay healthy. It was until his Apple Watch (and a third-party app called HeartWatch) woke him around 1 AM in the morning, showing signs that his heart rate was higher than normal during his sleep. According to the attorney, he didn’t feel sick but he was certain that he experienced mild indigestion, one of the many signs of a pending heart attack.

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According to his Apple Watch, his heart rate was at around 121 bpm (beats per minute) while he was asleep. This was a big jump from his usual 49 bpm heart rate and the first time his heart rate reached such a high level. For anyone who is worried about their health, a sign like that will surely trigger anyone to go the emergency room.

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He was connected to an EKG machine that showed the same BPM his Apple Watch showed. The results showed normal signs but when he took a blood test, the doctors discovered that an enzyme signaling that a heart attack is occurring. More tests were made, showing four blocked arteries that needed to be corrected through the use of stents.

“He said had I kept sleeping, I probably wouldn’t have woken up. I would have died in my sleep,” Killian said.

He even said that he only bought the Apple Watch for his day-to-day productivity, not expecting that it would be literally saving his life from an almost death situation.

With the latest advancements and innovations, warnings and precautions like this have made the impossible possible.

Via: 9to5Mac

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