Waze continues to be the top navigation app thanks to all the gimmicks that they keep on coming up over the years.

We’ve seen — or heard — Waze tap celebrities to be the voice for their navigation and direction system. We’ve had internet personality and vlogger Mimiyuuuh, and even Miss universe 2018 Catriona Gray. They also hired a couple of celebrities from different markets around the globe.


Now, the app is taking it a step further by adding DC Comic’s Batman and The Riddler as Waze voice options until October 31. This is in celebration of the Batman Day on September 21, 2020.

The Batman Waze option will be voiced by Kevin Conroy, who will reprise his role after playing the Caped Crusader in a couple of animated shows and video games like Injustice 2 and the Batman Arkham series.

The Riddler is then voiced by Wally Wingert, who also played the role of Batman’s villain in the Arkham video games.


Besides the Batman and The Riddler voice, you can choose to have the Batmobile or the Riddler’s Racer as stand-ins for your car that’ll be displayed on the map.


To complete the experience, users can access the special Waze and DC Super Hero or Super Villain playlists. You can simply search the playlists “Drive with Batman” or “Drive with The Riddler” on Spotify to access the special Batman theme themes and select soundtracks.

Again, this special Waze Batman and The Riddler feature will only run until October 1st.

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