Canon is trying to bring back point-and-shoot cameras by luring bloggers to the new Canon PowerShot V10.

The goal of the Canon PowerShot V10 is to make video recording as easy as using your smartphone, but only with much higher quality. It features a compact and lightweight build that can easily fit in your pocket, a flip screen so you can see yourself while recording, and even a built-in stand so you can prop it anywhere and start shooting.


It can record 4K UHD videos using the large 1-inch CMOS sensor so it will look good on larger screens. Plus, image stabilization for handheld shots. The red record button is conveniently placed in the front so you can shoot right away.

For run-and-gun shooting, the camera has a wide-angle lens so you can frame shots easier. Plus, Face Tracking for faster focusing. Smooth Skin Tone mode is also available.


Of course, it shoots still images, too, with up to 15.2-megapixels under the Auto Photo mode.

For the specs heads out there, here are some numbers: it has a 19mm equivalent ultra-wide lens with an f/1.8 aperture, omnidirectional microphones that can record audio from all directions, tons of built-in color presets, a built-in li-ion battery, and a USB Type-C port for charging.

It also has wireless connectivity so you can easily use it to stream on Facebook and YouTube, transfer files on your mobile device, and easily upload to different image-sharing platforms. All you gotta do is complete the initial setup using the Canon Camera Connect mobile app. You can also plug it to your computer if you want to up your video call quality or if you’re a game streamer.

The new Canon PowerShot V10 is now available in the Philippines for only Php29,998. It comes with a free 64GB Sandisk Extreme microSD card and a DVL Kairos Bag from Straightforward.

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