Apple has unveiled the iPhone 15 Pro series a few days ago. They are now made out of a Titanium material, making them lighter and sturdier. But is Titanium not fancy enough for you? Try gold.

Dubai-based luxury company Caviar, known for refitting Apple products with more premium materials, has announced its take on the new iPhone 15 Pro series.

Ultra Gold

They now come in five variants, but possibly the fanciest ones are the Ultra Gold colors for both the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. The chassis is made out of 18k gold in a satin finish, while the Apple logo is made of 24k gold.

According to Caviar, the Ultra Gold is for the “chosen ones” like celebrities, politicians, athletes, and other elites. It has a starting price of USD8,890 (~Php504,900) for the Pro and USD9,890 (~Php561,700) for the Pro Max.

Ultra Black

There’s also the Ultra Black version that starts at USD8,060 (~Php457,800) and USD8,840 (~Php502,100) for both models, respectively. It sports the sake 24K gold Apple logo, with the chassis made out of aviation-grade titanium with PVD.

Titan Black

We also have the Titan Black color that uses a similar aviation titanium build with the Apple logo made of black nacre by Van Cleef & Arpels. It starts at USD7,410 (~Php420,900).

Dark Red

Both the Dark Red and Starry Night colors have the same Apple logo as the Titan Black. However, the Dark Red has a chassis with cosmic patterns reminiscent of Mars. Every unit is different thanks to the marble carbon material.

Starry Night

Meanwhile, the Starry Night chassis is made of forged carbon composite with patterns similar to “The Starry Night” painting of Van Gogh. The same marble carbon material was also used.

Both the Dark Red and Starry Night colors will have a starting price of USD7,340 (~Php416,900).

Caviar said that they will only make 99 units of each of the five Caviar iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models. If you have money to burn, head to their website now.

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