CD-R King sells e-bikes now? A company, whose merchandise used to consist of just compact discs, has set its sights on selling e-bikes? I’m as surprised as you are. In fact, the company has been distributing these electric-powered vehicles for some time already. The latest product is called the CD-R King Malibu Eco-Bike, a two-wheeled self-balancing bike for Php68,000.

Think of the CD-R King Malibu Eco-Bike as the Segway but cheaper. Php68,000 is still expensive to the common man, but that price is still way cheaper than what a typical Segway sells for. The Malibu’s features include an LCD screen to check battery level, a steer frame with height adjuster, turning pipe, alarm system and smart balancing. The last one allows the vehicle to stand on its own and move about without it and its rider toppling over.

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The CD-R King Malibu Eco-Bike is capable of carrying up to 125kg of load. It can reach a maximum speed of 18km/h and maximum distance of 25km. Once it runs of power, it requires between five and eight hours of charging before it can be used again. So if you plan to own and ride one every day, better charge it every single night.

[Source: CD-R King, Via]

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