Do you remember the small Cherry Mobile P1 feature phone from a couple of years back? If you’ve been a fan of that, you’d be glad to know that it’s making a comeback.

The original Cherry Mobile P1 was marketed as a miniature companion to your large smartphone. It connects to your main device via Bluetooth and acts as an external dialer and messaging gizmo if you don’t want to pull out your device. Say, you’re in a public place that’s prone to phone snatching and what not.

Cherry Mobile P1 Bluetooth dialer
Original Cherry Mobile P1

It had a small screen that’s enough to see who’s calling you, or whatever messages you received or sending. It also had a 4×3 keypad, navigation buttons, and dedicated answer/reject keys.

But with the Cherry Mobile P1 2019, this device is getting an upgrade. It’s been hinted that the device will now have a camera on the back and a colored screen. It could also gain entertainment features like a video and mp3 player.


The design will be slightly modified for a more modern look. And since Cherry Mobile is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, the new P1 will have a “10 Years Est. 2009” logo on the back. Making it really cool memorabilia for those who have been a fan of the local brand for all these years.

Cherry Mobile is yet to announce the official price and availability details for the Cherry Mobile P1 2019. But in a Facebook post, they want to fans fill the blank on its “Php??9” teased price. The original model retailed for Php799, so we expect this one to be in that same neighborhood.

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