The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to enter the new normal. With that, local tech brand Cherry Mobile has introduced a slew of new products to help us stay safe from viruses and contaminants.

One of those new products is the Cherry Mobile UV Sterilizer Cabinet. With its microwave-like size that has a capacity of 10L, it can sterilize your phones, earphones, and other gadgets and small items. It cleans and disinfects at a microbial level.

It uses a UV quartz lamp with a wavelength of 185 to 253.7mm and has an ozone concentration of 0.05cubic/8PPM. The lamplight has a lifespan of 5,000 hours. Hopefully, we don’t have to use all of it in our lifetime.

The Cherry UV Sterilizer Cabinet is CE certified and went through a microbiological inspection test. It has an output of 220V-240V 50Hz-60Hz with a UV output of 6W.


You can set the timer to 5 minutes up to an hour depending on what you’re trying to sterilize. It has ha double-layer grid design so you can put more objects at once. Just like a microwave, it automatically turns off when you open the doors as a safety measure.

The Cherry UV Sterilizer Cabinet has a price of Php3,800. You can also check out Cherry Mobile’s other items geared for the new normal like the personal air purifier and KN95 protective face mask.

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