Say goodbye to repetitive strain injury as CHERRY introduces a new product to coincide with a relatively fresh sub-category in the Cherry Home brand, aimed at the average person’s hands—the Cherry Wellness Hand Massager.

A common issue suffered because of the constant use and abuse of the hands, RSI’s potentially debilitating condition is not something to trifle with.

Luckily, nobody no longer has to endure the pain of either carpal tunnel or Guyon canal syndrome anymore, thanks to CHERRY’s game-changing portable machine.

The Cherry Wellness Hand Massager features a 3-dimensional Wave Press that offers three unique presets, involving pressure. Importantly, it is also designed with the knowledge of acupoints and complex points of the hands for some needed blood stimulation.

In case of existing pains, the Hand Massager’s heat compress provides the benefit of alleviating the discomfort.

The Cherry Wellness Hand Massager retails for Php2,480.

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