Compaq used to be one of the biggest computer brands in the world. In fact, it used to rival IBM back in the 90’s and even one of the top 3 names in its category before it was acquired by HP in 2002.

HP kept the Compaq brand for its low-end laptops until they discontinued the line in 2013. But if you’re one of those who miss the brand, then here’s some good news: Compaq is making a comeback.

The announcement was made by the Twitter page @compaqreboot. The post was captioned “Coming soon.” with a modernized version of the iconic Compaq logo.

It’s not clear if HP is still behind the brand this time as they actually sold the Compaq license to an Argentine-based company called Grupo Newsan. However, it’s worth noting that the @compaqreboot Twitter page says that it’s from Anaheim, California.

No word yet what product the resurrected brand will release. In its latest tweet, Compaq shared the date December 13, which could possibly be the launch of its first new product. As we near that date, we expect the brand to give us hints on what they’re up to next.

Chances are, they will re-enter the laptop and desktop market considering how online learning and remote working have spiked in popularity over the past year.

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