Sky Global is an encrypted phone firm who has apparently has shut down.

Motherboard has obtained screenshots of Sky communications which revealed that Blackberry had cut ties with them, forcing them to shut down. As you know, Blackberry is known for its encryption and security technologies that Sky uses for its services.

Like many companies in the encrypted phone industry, Sky will mostly use existing smartphone hardware from other brands, install its own encrypted messaging apps, and sell it to a niche market for a substantial amount of money through an annual subscription basis. They also offer remote wipe features.

Blackberry’s move came after the US Department of Justice has indicted Sky CEO Jean-Francois Eap and a former distributor of allegedly selling Sky devices to international drug traffickers. The devices will help these criminals to avoid law enforcement.

Sky Global website

Immediately after, Sky’s website now shows a notice saying “This Website Has Been Seized” with an attached logo of the DEA, FBI, US Marshals Service, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

A message sent to customers, allegedly coming from the CEO, said that they would shut down its services in 2 hours to allow users to find an alternative means of communications.

The message also explained that Blackberry has disconnected their EUM (United Endpoint Manager) services.

It also assured the customers that their communications are not under security risk. Albeit, it warned them that it can be in the future if they (possibly referring to the authorities) obtain full control of the EUM and push compromised apps to the device. This is said to be the reason why they will be shutting down the service.

In a statement given to Motherboard, Eap said that “The unfounded allegations of involvement in criminal activity by me and our company are entirely false.”.

Via: Vice

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